Seminar and Workshop of Storyplacing

The seminar and workshop was coordinated by Storyplacing project. In this bilateral project, Dr. Mikko Villi of Helsinki University and Shin Mizukoshi of the University of Tokyo coordinated a transdisciplinary and international team specializing in media studies, information design, and community planning.

The event was consisted of two parts. First was the seminar to present and discuss the transformation of place, community engagement and enhancing communication structures in the context of digital communication technology and platforms, as well as the use of digital storytelling activities in local community building. The seminar explored how a digital communication infrastructure could be developed for a local area and how it could be incorporated to the physical locality.

Second, they hold a wrap-up workshop to envisage the future collaboration among urban engineering, community design, media studies, communication studies, information engineering, media design and interaction design both in Finland and in Japan. All the participants, including the speakers discussed in workshop style.

The seminar and workshop produced a precious opportunity for GCL students to touch the transdisciplinarity and internationality of Storyplacing, and deep thoughts of design in Finland.


The seminar and workshop was coordinated by Storyplacing project. The official title of Storyplacing is “Co-Design of Digital Storytelling System with Geographic Information” funded by the Academy of Finland and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science from 2014 to 2016.

In this bilateral project of Finland and Japan, Dr. Mikko Villi of Helsinki University and Professor Shin Mizukoshi of the University of Tokyo coordinated a transdisciplinary and international team specializing in media studies, information design, and community planning. The team developed workshop programs and online platforms encouraging general people’s storytellings, and put them into practice both in Finland and in Japan.

During two years, The members of Storyplacing had been created many opportunities for GCL students to join their unique workshops. And this seminar and workshop was the final public event of the Storyplacing.



Opening Remark
"Digital Storytelling and the Participatory Design of Communities"
- Mikko Villi & Shin Mizukoshi


Digital Storytelling
Chair: Hideki Koizumi (UTokyo)

"Comikaruta and Telephonoscope: Designing Systems and Workshop Programs of Digital Storytelling for Communities"
- Rikutaro Manabe (UTokyo), Masako Miyata (Aichi Shukutoku U), Katsuaki Tanaka (Saitama Institute of Technology)

"Building the Image of a City Through Local Storytelling: Experiences from the City of Hanko"
- Petro Poutanen (UHelsinki)


Community Design
Chair: Mikko Villi

"Communication, Knowledge Sharing and Storytelling for City Making (Case: Urban Gardening in Helsinki)"
- Andrea Botero (Aalto U), Sanna Marttila (Aalto U)

"Riku-cafe: A Community Design Practice toward Super Aged Society"
- Hideki Koizumi, Chikako Goto (UTokyo)


Discussion Workshop
Facilitators: Members of Storyplacing
Commentator: Professor Takeshi Sunaga (Tokyo University of the Arts)

All the speakers except for Professor Sunaga of the Tokyo University of the Arts were members of Storyplacing. 

Detailed program of the part of discussion workshop

16:00 - 16:45

Participants including the project members divided into four groups, and discussed about the future collaboration in this field.

16:45 - 17:00

Presentations of four groups

17:00 - 17:15

Comment from Prof. Sunaga

17:15 - 17:30

Wrap up discussion


Both of in the part of seminar and workshop, participants and speakers discussed a variety of issues. One of the main issues in the seminar part was the comparision among different types of media systems developed by Storyplacing. Storyplacing developed mainly two systems: Telephonoscope and Maptionnaire. Telephonoscope encouraged people to express their personal memories as narratives. On the other hand, Maptionnare provided the visualization of neighborhood opinions. Another important issue in the workshop part was the discussion about theoretical significance of the design of society.

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2016.5.29(日)13:00 - 17:00


#93B, New 2nd Building, Faculty of Engineering, Hongo Campus, UTokyo


(GCL student 1[Urban Engineering], MA students 2[GSII], PhD students 3[GSII, UHelsinki, Aalt U], Other participants 5, Project members and Faculty 10)


Shin Mizukoshi (Professor of Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, UTokyo)
Mikko Villi (Lecturer of University of Helsinki, International Researcher of UTokyo)

原稿執筆:Shin Mizukoshi