Dialogue to Diagram 2

Taking note is one of the most important learning skills that everyone should practice and master. It helps to quickly memorize what you are learning, organize the new knowledge and briefly review it when you need. However, have you ever feel that sometimes, even you know that you understand the things you are studying, it is very difficult to jot down the core ideas, the gist of the whole things? Or have you ever finished you note, you moved on other things, then after a while, you came back to review your note, and you did not understand what you have written? We know that many of us have been facing these troubles. In order to solve these problems, we need acquire a more efficient note taking skill. Taking note requires us to have good comprehensive listening skill, quick analyzing skill, and very quick hand for noting down those continuously flowing information. There are many note taking methods such as short sentences, Cornell method and mapping method which has its own pros and cons in different scenarios. In this workshop, we will learn another approach to note taking in which, our task is to transform a dialogue to diagram. Dialogue is everywhere in our daily life, from school classes, company meetings to social events. It is very easy to convert those dialogues to text based script which reflects exactly what everyone said in the conversation. However, this will cause a lot of trouble for reviewer to get the gist of the whole conversation. Instinctively, human is better at grasping ideas from visual presentation. Blocks of text are not only a turn-off for mind but also a trap for skipping important points. On the other hand, graphing and diagraming a conversation will result in a short, concise and eye catching note. This is an easy way to stimulate human perception and lead our thinking flow in a natural way, accordingly to the flow of the dialogue. You might think that diagraming need good drawing skill, that which not everyone of us have. It is correct that good drawing skill helps to create excellent visual presentations of a dialogue. However, it is not all of the diagraming concept. The key point of diagraming is to get the point of the conversation, turn it into easy to understand images, drawings, graphs, charts or flows. In this workshop, we will learn about how to look at a conversation from different point of view, turn it into simple visual presentation, and re-tell the story with others based on what we have noted. We will discover that there are many ways to approach a conversation and each of them can give a distinctive perspective on the objects, stories, or anything that have been dicussing during the dialogue.






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